​Information literacy: How to search, access and retrieve information sources


27/10/19- 20/01/20


Riki Greenberg


In the age of information proliferation, the need to acquire skills for understanding and discerning the wide range of sources available via the WWW has become critical. Proficiency in searching, locating, accessing, and evaluating information sources is important in all fields. The course will provide students with a practical knowledge of information literacy skills, specifically the processes of conducting searches and accessing various information sources. Teachers will gain additional skills and orientations for coping with their students’ digital information environments and abilities. Awareness and a better understanding of the information world will enrich and diversify the teaching experience for both teachers and students. Teachers will also be exposed to open courseware sources and benefit from the richness and diversity of the materials.
The course will offer practice in searching and retrieving information sources from the Invisible Web as well as in the efficient use of popular search engines. The course is conducted as a workshop; assignments will be given throughout its duration.