​Becoming an Online Teacher

Thinking It, Trying It, Doing It


27/10/19- 20/01/20


Sarah Schrire

What are the milestones on the journey to becoming an online teacher? Which components of the face-to-face classroom have a place in the online classroom? What adaptations are required? Which aspects of the online context redefine the essence of learning, teaching, and assessment? These are some of the questions that will be considered as we examine the range of strategies that the online instructor can choose from in the design, development, and implementation of e-learning. The strategies themselves will be implemented as each participant designs, develops, and coordinates a personal online course using the Moodle platform. In addition to the role of online course developer and teacher, each participant will simultaneously play the role of learner in selected online courses of fellow participants, both to experience others’ translations of online pedagogy into practice and give feedback to them, and to become part of the target learner groups in the courses of others.