Professionalisation of teachers and school leaders through phenomenologically oriented vignettes


8.2.22, 15.2.22, 22.2.22 hours 12.30-11.00, Israeli time


6 Academic Hours


Dr. Vasileios Symeonidisg

Course Description

The increasing focus on the professionalisation of teachers and school leaders requires methodological tools that are suitable for exploring their professional learning experiences. This interactive course introduces the phenomenologically oriented vignette as a research and professionalisation tool for the training of teachers and school leaders at teacher education institutions, as well as for school development and quality management. Vignettes are aesthetically condensed and situational written narrations which capture the experience of learning at close range. Participants will be trained to write and read vignettes, reflecting on their application in different learning contexts.

Learning Outcomes


  • – Understand how to conceptualise learning from a phenomenological perspective

– Become acquainted with theories of professionalisation for teachers and school leaders


  • Develop the ability to write and read a phenomenologically oriented vignette and use it as a research and professionalisation tool

Use vignettes for the purposes of professionalisation, school development and quality management


  • Develop a reflective attitude on one’s own learning experiences
  • Engage with differentiated insights on learning and be open for learning experiences in heterogeneous groups

Schedule of Activities

Modules Dates
Introduction to phenomenological learning research: What is there for teachers and school leaders?
Writing and reading a phenomenologically oriented vignette
Vignette as a professionalisation tool for teacher education, school development and quality management

About the lecturer:
Dr. Vasileios Symeonidis of the University of Graz, Austria, is an expert in Teacher education policy and practice: Europeanisation in teacher education, teacher competences, teacher education continuum, and professional development of teacher educators, doctoral networks.