Everything You Need to Know for Publishing Your Article in a Peer Reviewed Journal

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נושאי הקורס:

  1. The Goals of Academic Publishing and Why it is So Difficult
  2. 5 Most Common Reasons Journal Editors Reject Your Article
  3. How to Choose the Right Journal for Your Article (including tools to identify impact factor, acceptance percentage and response time)
  4. General Tips for Writing Your Paper
  5. Writing in Your Mother Tongue and Translating or Breaking Your Teeth in English
  6. Formatting Your Paper for the Target Journal- (Introduction to Reference Management Software)
  7. Writing a Winning Cover Letter and Submitting Your Article
  8. Responding to Reviewers- Understanding Feedback from Reviewers and Writing a  Response
  9. Open Access- Is it Right for You? (including a discussion on APC’s and Plan S)
  10. Predatory Publishers- How to Identify and Avoid Getting Trapped
  11. Republishing Articles in a Different Language- Ethical and Practical Issues
  12. Writing an Abstract with Punch and Choosing the Right Keywords
  13. Putting Together a Book Proposal for an Academic Publisher (including a guide to preparing a winning book proposal)
  14. How to Find Funding Opportunities for Translation and Editing (including a list of funders)
  15. Tips for How to Maximize the Impact of Your Research Once it is Published


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