Internationalisation in Teacher Education: Trends, Competences & Methods

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11.1.22, 18.1.22, 25.1.22 בשעות 19.30-18.00


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מרצים / מנחים:

ד"ר וסיליס סימונידיס Vasileios Symeonidis

Course Description

In an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, there is a need for teacher education institutions and teacher educators to meet the emerging challenges of increased openness, cross-national and cross-institutional collaboration, as the result of international processes. This course helps to understand the international trends that shape teacher education in different countries worldwide. It also provides relevant insights for teacher educators interested to internationalise their research and teaching.

Learning Outcomes


  • Understand the main factors, dimensions and processes of internationalisation in teacher education
  • Have knowledge about global and European trends in teacher education
  • Have knowledge about research funding schemes and networks in teacher education at the international level


  • Develop the ability to internationalise curricula or courses in teacher education to raise global awareness and intercultural understanding
  • Develop the ability to design and seek funding for international research projects


  • Develop a reflective attitude on one’s own perspectives of internationalisation
  • Have an open mind for developments in other teacher education systems
  • Engage with international teacher education research and be open for international collaborations and mobility

Schedule of Activities

Modules Dates
1. Teacher education around the world: What can we learn from high-performing systems about teacher quality? 11.1.2022


2. Internationalisation through research: Submitting research proposals to international funds and finding colleagues for international research projects 18.01.2022


3. Developing teacher education curricula for internationalisation: Curricular focus, competences and learning outcomes 25.01.2022


על המנחה:

ד"ר וסיליס סימונידיס מאוניברסיטת גרץ באוסטריה חוקר תחומים של מדיניות ו בִּנְאוּם (internationalization) בהכשרת מורים.