The Pedagogy of Resilience: Conversations with the leading education researchers

Reversed session 4


12:30-14:00 Monday, 26 June, 2023, Room 17

Reversed Full session: A session in which several lectures on one common subject are prerecorded and viewed by the audience prior to the session. The focus of the face-to-face session will be on a discussion of the session contents.

  • The Pedagogy of Resilience: Conversations With the Leading Education Researchers
    Prof. Haim Shaked1, Prof. Haya Kaplan2, Dr. Ella Sarel-Mahlav3
    1 Hemdat College of Education, Sdot Negev, Israel. 2 Kaye Academic College of Education, Be’er Sheva, Israel. 3 Levinsky Wingate Academic Center, Tel Aviv, Israel