Terms and Conditions

Regulations for the Cancellation of Transactions and the Return of Products Purchased Online


Return of Products and Cancellation of Services

  1. Anyone who has purchased a product through The MOFET Institute Online Shop is entitled to cancel the transaction in accordance with the Law for Consumer Protection, 1981.Following, in brief, are the cancellation regulations (the full regulations can be found in the Law for Consumer Protection and they are the rules that are compulsory):
    1. Upon purchase of a product – from the day the transaction is made up to 14 days after receipt of the product or receipt of a document that includes all the details listed in paragraph 14c(b) of the Law for Consumer Protection, whichever is later.
    2. Upon purchase of a service (every transaction of payment for a course/ workshop/ study day/ meeting/specialization/ online learning/ interest group/ seminar or study tour in Israel) – within 14 days from the day of the transaction or from the day of receipt of a document that includes all the details listed in paragraph 14c(b) of the Law for Consumer protection, whichever is later, as follows: a continuing transaction (as defined by the Law for Consumer Protection) – whether the service is or is not already provided; a transaction that is not a continuing one – on condition that the cancellation, as said, is done at least two work days, before the date when the service is to be given.
  2. Results of a cancellation due to a defect or discrepancy: in the instance of a cancellation due to a defective product or a discrepancy between the product or the service and the details given concerning the product or service or because the product or service was not supplied within the time determined for it or any other violation of the contract conditions (“discrepancy”), within 14 days of notice of cancelation, The MOFET Institute will return the full amount that was already paid for the transaction, will cancel the balance due and will provide the customer with a copy of the notification to cancel the balance. There will not be a cancellation fee of any kind. If the customer has received the product, one must return it to MOFET at the same location in which it was received.
  3. Results of a cancellation that is not due to a defect of discrepancy: In the instance of a cancellation not due to a defective product or its discrepancy, The MOFET Institute will return the full amount of money paid within 14 days of the day of receipt of notice of cancellation, with no cancellation fee.
  4. Without prejudicing the above mentioned, in the event that the cancelled transaction is a continuing transaction (as defined by the Law for Consumer Protection), and its service has already begun, the customer will be billed for the service received up to the cancellation notice.
  5. A transaction cannot be cancelled if the product is not defective and there is not discrepancy of the goods and services as determined by paragraph 14c(d) of the Law for Consumer Protection, including goods that can be recorded, copied or reproduced, and that the consumer has opened their original packaging.


Registration and Payment

  • The registration form appears on the site and includes personal details and arrangements for payment of tuition (means of payment).
  • For an activity costing more than 951 NIS, a registration fee of 100 NIS will be charged at the time of registration. The remaining tuition will be charged upon notification of the opening of activity (unless otherwise specified).
  • A student who does not arrange payment terms prior to the opening of the activity will not be permitted to participate.
  • Registration is according to availability.
  • The opening of an activity is conditioned on the number of participants.


Payment Options

  • Cash payment – in person at The MOFET Institute.
  • Online payment – by credit card MOFET’s website.
  • Credit payments via telephone.
  • Payment by a check sent through the Israel Post to: The MOFET Institute, P.O.B. 48538, Tel Aviv 6148402.
  • Payment by a letter of commitment from the customer’s employer committing to cover tuition. The letter is to be sent by fax to 03-6901481 or by e-mail to mlomdim@macam.ac.il.
  • Payment by bank transfer made to The MOFET Institute, Bank Mizrachi (20), Tarfon branch (476) account 444848.

Registration will be confirmed upon completion of the process (completed registration form and arrangements for payment).


Cancellations and Registration Changes – General Instructions

  1. Requests for changes in registration, postponement or switching an activity, or cancellation of participation in an activity must be submitted in writing only to the administration office by post, fax or e-mail.
  2. The determining date for calculating the refund/fee for cancelling registration, will be the date of receipt of the notice, in writing, at MOFET’s offices. In the event of a request to cancel due to an unexpected event, appropriate documents must be submitted.
  3. Refunds will be made within 14 days after the cancellation of registration.
  4. MOFET’s administration office will notify the student, by post or telephone, of the acceptance of the request to switch/postpone/cancel and refund money (in the event that this is relevant) immediately upon receipt of notification. When the process is completed, the student will receive a letter that includes all the details of the decision.
  5. Postponement or switching of activities does not entitle the student to a refund of the registration fee. The administration office will credit the registrant or debit him in the event of switching to an activity with a different cost than the original.
  6. A second postponement or change will require approval of the Exceptions Committee.
  7. A refund due to changes and cancellations will take place according to the attached table (in case of a transaction made by credit card there will be an additional “credit card commission” fee of 10 shekels). The money will be returned by check or credit card.


Required Payment Time Table for Receiving Cancellation Requests Type of Service
Service fee – 10% of activity cost Up to 1 day before the


Study days/ meetups


No refund On the day of the activity
Registration fee – 100 NIS


Up to 2 weeks before

beginning of the activity

Service charge at price

of registration fee (100 NIS)

Up to 1 day before the

beginning of the school year

Specialization Programs
30% of tuition + registration fee From the first day of the school year, to one month into it
No refund One month or more after the

beginning of the school year

Service charge at price

of registration fee (100 NIS)

Up to, and including, the first


The relative value of two sessions + registration fee After the second session
No refund From the third session on
Service fee – 10% of activity cost Up to 1 week before

the activity

One-day workshops
No refund Less than a week before

the activity


Service charge – 100 NIS Up to the first session Workshops that cost up to 500 NIS and/or are up to three sessions
50% of the cost of the activity After the first session
No refund From the second session on
10% of tuition Up to one month before the

beginning of the activity

Course / Online seminar
50% of tuition From one month before to one

month after the beginning of the activity

No refund From one month after the beginning of the activity



Delivery Policy

Deliveries in Israel

Preparation of orders for delivery generally takes 1-4 working days (Sunday through Thursday, 09:00 am – 03:00 pm), and even longer during vacation periods, during Hebrew Book Month and during periods of special sales.

The MOFET Institute has no control over delivery time once the package reaches the post office and until it reaches the client. Proper filling in of exact address, including zip code and mobile and home phone numbers, help speed delivery.

In locations not in the category of large populations or in the center of the country, delivery time is longer and according to the location and working hours of the postal service.

The MOFET Institute is not responsible for the delivery and handling time of the Israel Postal Service. We make every effort to prepare the orders as quickly as possible and to transfer them to the post office. The Israel Postal Service does the actual deliveries.


Deliveries Abroad

This site only delivers within the State of Israel. For orders to foreign addresses, please call telephone +972-3-6901428


Personal Pick-up

You can pick up your packages at The MOFET Institute.