Teacher Educators as Members of an Evolving Profession

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מדור: חנות ספרים

הכותבים: מרים בן-פרץרבקה רייכנברגשרה קלימןשרה שמעוני

שנה: 2016

קטגוריה: "הכשרת מורים ומורי מורים"

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Teacher Educators as Members of an Evolving Profession focuses on the overall role of teacher educators who might be seen as leaders involved in the transformation of schools and schooling in a manner appropriate for the requirements of the twenty-first century. Teacher education is perceived in this book as a profession with unique characteristics. In the frame of this conception this book provides and discusses relevant professional issues: the professional identity of teacher educators, their role perception, and the characteristics of their vocational language. The pedagogy of teacher education is addressed and special attention is given to their professional development. The place of practice in this development process is considered. The contribution of research and academic writing as part of the professional development of teacher educators is emphasized.​

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