READING MADE EASIER: The explicit instruction of reading comprehension strategies

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מדור: חנות ספרים

כותב: Rachel Segev Miller

שנה: 2020

קטגוריה: "שפה ותקשורת"

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"This book has very important material and research findings that are relevant to teachers, teacher trainers, and anyone interested in the teaching of reading. The teaching of reading, in general, is still lacking a professional and theoretical basis in most language classes, for both first or second language and all teachers could benefit from a good discussion of reading strategies. Most "reading" teachers are not fully aware of the need to instruct students in how to develop individual reading strategies and this book could answer this need" – Prof. Emeritus Elite Olshtain

Dr. Rachel Segev Miller (alias Aki) has been teaching courses in Linguistics, SLA, English teaching methodology, etc., in both graduate and undergraduate programs at Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology, and the Arts and at other institutions of higher education in the larger Tel Aviv area, including the MOFET Institute. She has been conducting faculty development programs, as well as various projects for the purpose of promoting students’ academic literacy. Her research interests include interdisciplinary issues of learning, cognition, and research into reading and writing processes in both L1 (Hebrew) and L2 (English).

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