Embracing The Social And The Creative New Scenarios For Teacher Education

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מדור: חנות ספרים

הכותבים: מרים בן-פרץרבקה רייכנברגשרה קלימןשרה שמעוני

שנה: 2016

קטגוריה: "הכשרת מורים ומורי מורים"

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The guiding idea of Embracing the Social and the Social and Creative: New Scenarios for Teacher Education concerns the nature of teacher education in the future, viewing the understanding of the history of teacher education in a different context as the basis for future development. Special emphasis is given to matters of race and gender as well as to the special status and roles of teacher education in a globalized, uncertain, and anxiety-ridden world. This book is divided into two parts, covering the role of teacher education in reform movements in different cultures and the impact of social changes across time on teacher education. It also focuses on several critical societal issues, such as racism, feminism, and environmental sustainability.

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